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Pgl krakow major

pgl krakow major

PGL Major Krakow Regional Minor Championships. Abschlussplatzierung European MinorAmericas MinorCIS MinorAsia. Das PGL Major: Kraków (kurz: PGL Kraków ) war das elfte Major- Turnier in der E-Sport-Disziplin Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Das Turnier fand. Counter-Strike PGL Major Krakow Seite auf bietet dir Ergebnisse, Spielpläne und Counter-Strike PGL Major Krakow

Pgl Krakow Major Video

CROWD GOES INSANE!! ( vs North) CS:GO PGL Major Kraków 2017 Quarter-finals highlights

Pgl krakow major - final, sorry

But Immortals rolled the first four rounds on its CT-side after a crucial and necessary pistol win to bring the score to a manageable margin. Runde seitens der Kasachen bei. Diese konnten sich nicht verteidigen. Die Kasachen holten daraufhin auf und gingen mit 8: Gambit baute nach dem Seitenwechsel seinen Vorsprung aus. Auf der Map Train führte VP zunächst 5: Professional Gamers League [7].

krakow major pgl - not give

Astralis erspielte sich noch fünf Rundensiege nach dem Seitenwechsel, bevor SK Gaming ihren entscheidenden Insgesamt nehmen 16 Teams am Turnier teil. Der erste Major-Titel für Gambit Gaming war perfekt. HObbit's heroics would again play a part. Die Plätze des nordamerikanischen Open-Qualifiers qualifizieren sich für das Closed Qualifier, während sich nur Platz 1 beim südamerikanischen Open-Qualifier direkt für das amerikanische Minor qualifiziert. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am China Volksrepublik TyLoo

VP, after going , was one game away from elimination. SK and Immortals battled it out between in the two Brazilian teams.

Round 5 started with the French superteam against the most decorated team of all time. Fnatic started with a strong lead at the half.

G2 started a comeback of its own, but a 13th round from Fnatic proved to be the end for G2 and once again the French team could not get to the playoffs.

Dan "apEX" Madesclaire had 24 kills and bodyy had 22, but flusha and Olof "olofmeister" Kajbjer had 25 kills each and olofmeister and Freddy "KRiMZ" Johansson continued their streak of being few of the only players to reach the playoffs at all eleven majors dev1ce, dupreeh, and Xyp9x from Astralis are the other three.

The final match of the group stage came in the form of FlipSid3 vs Immortals. Immortals jumped to a huge lead before FlipSid3 managed a reasonable halftime score of However, Immortals dominated in its terrorist side and the team went into the playoffs in its first ever major appearance, a feat that was last achieved by Team Kinguin at ESL One Cologne Lucas "steel" Lopes lead his team with 23 kills in the victory.

BIG and Gambit received the top seeds and played a randomly selected opponent among Virtus. The remaining two teams, North and Virtus.

After a day of rest from competition, the first matchup in the Tauron Arena pitted Gambit Esports and Fnatic.

For the third consecutive major, these two teams met up in the quarterfinals. The previous two times, Fnatic dominated both series. Gambit had a tough road to the playoffs on paper, but the Kazakh team took care of all its opponents and went on to a perfect group stage record.

Fnatic had an even tougher road as after its initial matchup against Flipsid3 Tactics, it only faced top ten teams, but survived after defeating a struggling Natus Vincere and the number four ranked team in the world, G2 Esports.

Gambit initially jumped to a lead, but Fnatic jumped back into the game with by taking the next five rounds. In the tenth round, Gambit was forced onto an economy round.

KRiMZ was able to take down mou, but Dosia was able to trade kills and Zeus popped out from behind a smoke and kill olofmeister.

HObbit peaked when Fnatic attempted a defuse and killed dennis who was close up and Zeus killed JW before flusha responded by taking down AdreN.

Gambit would go on to take a lead, but the Swedes came back to win the half, Gambit suddenly rocketed up to 14 rounds as Fnatic only took one round in the meantime to start the second half.

Fnatic took one more round before a crucial 27th round, in which both teams had a full buy. About 20 seconds into the round, mou just about caught a peeking JW near the A Bombsite.

AdreN then held tha angle as olofmeister peeked and Gambit took its 15th round. However, Fnatic reset Gambit the next round and then won the following round to take the game to the full distance.

A struggling Dosia took down olofmeister as flusha found Zeus behind the B bombsite train. JW attempted to fake his way to the A bombsite, but when going back to B, mou was waiting at an aggressive angle to finish off the game.

JW lead all players with 26 kills while KRiMZ had 22 kills, but the usually consistent dennis only had 17 kills. Gambit started the second game strong as the team took an early lead.

Fnatic was able to take a third round. In the 11th round, Dosia was nearly caught off guard, but Zeus was able to assist him by taking down KRiMZ before being found by dennis.

Zeus traded out flusha, but the Gambit in-game leader was taken out by olofmeister. Fnatic routed Gambit in the remaining rounds of the half as the Gambit lead turned into an Fnatic lead.

The second round appeared to be all Gambit as Fnatic could not get a rhythm. Gambit went up after a round Fnatic won in which it defused the bomb.

However, the Swedes could not string more than two rounds together in the second half and the next one was a crucial one.

In the 26th round, Zeus had his team play under his normal slow style. With about a minute to go, Gambit executed towards the B bombsite.

Hobbit quickly entered and took down a boosted JW. Gambit closed out the game with the last two rounds and Gambit finally took down Fnatic at a major.

JW was the top performer for his team again with 20 kills, but it was not enough as Dosia and his team cleaned up the three time major winners. However, the team bounced back and defeated its compatriot Immortals to advance to the playoffs.

Astralis survived two games that were almost upsets, as it edged out Immortals in overtime on the first day and survived Fnatic on the third day.

The defending champions easily took down G2 Esports to make the playoffs with just one loss. SK Gaming always had the upper hand against Astralis since the Brazilians were under the Luminosity Gaming organization and the Danes were under the Team SoloMid organization, with the exception of the period of success Astralis had, which included a major title.

Within a span of twelve rounds, SK Gaming and Astralis went back and forth. Astralis won the pistol round, but SK Gaming won a force buy round.

Astralis won a force buy of its own and then took the next round. SK Gaming only bought slightly upgraded pistols to save for the next round, but the Brazilians ran over the Danes to take the round.

SK would take the next three rounds before Astralis took two back to make it In the 14th round, FalleN started SK strong with a kill onto Xyp9x, but dev1ce and Kjaerbye took down FalleN, coldzera, fer, and Kjaerbye before dupreeh took down felps to retake the lead.

Astralis took one more round before SK took the last round to make it an score in favor of Astralis. Astralis went up to 13 rounds after a close pistol and third round in the second half.

In the 22nd round, FalleN attempted to push aggressively, but Kjaerbye spotted him first and killed him. SK, however, got a 9th round under a force buy to keep itself in the game.

SK brought itself to 12 rounds and Astralis called a timeout. Astralis took the 16th round it needed and took the first game of the series, stifling the SK comeback.

After a close first game, SK could not get anything rolling in the second game. After SK took a lead, Astralis took the next ten of twelve rounds to take a lead at the half.

TACO had just 7 kills in the loss and Astralis aimed to be the third team to win back to back majors. BIG was the surprise team in this playoffs, as many did not have the Germans even in contention of a playoff spot, yet they went flawless in the group stage.

Immortals was also in its first major after struggling in the major qualifiers. Immortals appear to have a solid record against BIG, but that was without keev and nex.

In the major qualifier, BIG defeated Immortals The first time Legends faced off in the quarterfinals. The first half of the first map started very well for Immortals.

Immortals took a lead at the half and looked to cruise to the finish line. However, BIG started a comeback under the leadership of gob b. With the score at , Immortals had just come off of a save round and was executing to the B bombsite.

The next round, keev started with a kill on boltzz with the AWP he saved from the previous round, but HEN1 traded him out to keep it an even playing field.

BIG got to 15 rounds first, but Immortals staved off a loss by sending the game to overtime. Immortals got the upper hand in the first half of overtime, , but BIG took the first two rounds of the second half to put the Germans on match point.

LUCAS1 lost track of keev and started defusing the bomb, but keev jumped out and knifed him to complete the comeback. The next map was Inferno, a map BIG was now notorious for abusing a jump bug.

Immortals started with a lead before BIG got on the board. Immortals went on to a half, but BIG attempted another comeback.

Immortals went to 15, but BIG had five straight rounds to make it In the 23rd round, Immortals just nearly won the game, but a tabseN 1 vs. The first half was a back and forth affair between the two teams on Train.

After BIG took a lead, Immortals was able to slightly turn things around and take a advantage into the second half. A key round was the 8th one — keev took out kNg early in the round and then BIG executed towards the A bombsite.

He easily took down HEN1, but steel was defusing the bomb in the smoke. He could not find steel and Immortals clinched the round. Immortals won the pistol round in the 16th round, but an economy round followed by four more rounds put BIG up Immortals took one back, but BIG reset the economy of Immortals right after.

In the 24th round, Immortals only put one rifle onto steel while the rest had only pistols. Once the round started, steel immediately rushed in to find gob b and then fell back, but a quick flick by keev onto LUCAS1 on the other end of the map evened it out to four men per team.

The score tied to before BIG got a 14th round. The score was then and the next one proved to be crucial as BIG was in reset potential.

Immortals took the 30th round to move on to the semifinals. The second day of the playoffs will have North face off against Virtus.

North suffered an initial loss against Cloud9, but then took the next three games to make the playoffs for a second consecutive major. VP started the major strong with a record, but loses to Gambit Esports and North and was nearly took it out of the tournament.

However, it bounced back against Cloud9 to reach the playoffs for a tenth consecutive major. Historically, North has a record over VP.

VP started with a lead after North had just won the recent one. In the 8th round, aizy pushed up near the A bombsite trying to trick VP, but he was found by aizy.

VP went on to dominate the half, ending in a lead for the Polish legends. VP proceeded to take the next three rounds to , only spelling trouble for North.

North was able to bring it back to heading to the 25th round. TaZ then immediately followed up onto k0nfig through a smoke grenade and NEO stepped in to take out aizy.

TaZ won a duel against Magisk quite easily, leaving cajunb in a 1 vs. Most of North struggled as Magisk was the leader for his team with 16 kills.

The next map was Nuke, a map VP is arguably the best team on. North, however, took a lead before VP brought it all the way back to take five rounds in a row.

In the 13th round, cajunb found a kill onto pasahBiceps, who was pulling out a grenade. The bomb was planted as North made its way to the bombsite.

The half ended with an lead for North. With VP leading , Snax caught k0nfig with about a minute to go. Snax then followed up onto MSL with an AK the VP in-game leader picked up, but cajunb was able to take out Snax, but nore before taking a lot of damage.

VP took the last two rounds to secure a spot in the semifinals in front of its home crowd. After a quiet Cobblestone game, byali took down 30 people as he dominated the server.

Gambit finally took down its major demons in Fnatic as it swept the Swedish legends in the best of three. Astralis took down the favorites to win the whole tournament, SK Gaming, after a dominant performance on Overpass.

After SK lost, Astralis became the clear favorites to win the major. The first map went to Overpass. Gambit took a lead before Astralis found its first.

Astralis was able to make it eventually, but it struggled to win many rounds consecutively. In the 13th round, dupreeh started with a kill onto HObbit but Dosia traded him out.

Xyp9x planted the bomb, but AdreN was flanking and took down gla1ve. AdreN then followed up onto Xyp9x and Gambit took the round. The half ended in a Gambit advantage.

Astralis took two rounds, but Gambit jumped to a lead before Astralis took three more. In the 26th round, Gambit just lost the previous round and two of its players were on pistols.

Zeus continued his slow playstyle. AdreN made his way up to the restrooms area; dev1ce peeked into it and had the upper hand, but missed a shot, which AdreN easily took advantage of.

AdreN then took down Kjaerbye and found a headshot on Xyp9x. Dosia took out gla1ve, who was attempting to make a play to save the game, leaving dupreeh in a 1 vs.

After Dosia stepped up for his team against Fnatic, it was mou this time who went big, as the AWPer had 33 kills and AdreN had the second most kills with Kjaerbye had 19 kills for Astralis.

Inferno was a turnaround for both teams. Astralis took a lead heading into the 11th round. There, Xyp9x took down mou fairly early.

AdreN was able to kill dupreeh and Zeus took down Xyp9x towards the end of the round,but two kills from gla1ve on Zeus and AdreN gave Astralis the advantage.

Dosia hid in the bombsite and took down Kjaerbye trying to plant the bomb, but dev1ce was there to quickly trade to give Astralis the round. The Danes took a lead in the first half.

In the second half, Gambit took a lead, but there was no comeback as Astralis simply won the next six rounds to win the game.

Xyp9x had 25 kills to lead all players and dupreeh followed by with AdreN and HObbit had 17 kills each, but mou quickly dipped below as he only had a 7 kill performance.

The final map went to Train. Gambit had a lead heading to the 10th round. AdreN took out Kjaerbye to start but AdreN later overpeeked and dupreeh took advantage of it.

Xyp9x killed Zeus and gla1ve took down mou. HObbit attempted to find a way to penetrate the Astralis offense, but dupreeh quickly found him.

The round gave Astralis momentum to make it and then to end the half. The two teams traded three rounds each and then Gambit won one before being reset the next round.

Astralis only had a one round deficit to make a Gambit took its final timeout heading into the next round. Dosia, with the assist of AdreN, took out Kjaerbye.

Dosia took out dupreeh and dev1ce took out mou. Zeus took down gla1ve in the battle of the in-game leaders and that forced dev1ce to back off and save his gun.

This allowed Gambit to take the next two rounds, pulling off an upset win and headed to the finals. Zeus topped the scoreboard with 24 kills and AdreN followed closely with Although dupreeh had 24 kills, the rest of his team did not perform as well, including Kjaerbye, who only had 9 kills.

Immortals continued its impressive run despite being underdogs all the way through the tournament and became the only team out of four to defeat BIG on Inferno.

On the first map, Immortals took the pistol round and the two anti-economy round before VP got two. In the 6th round, Immortals only had two weapons it saved from the previous round while the rest of the team was on pistols.

The bomb was planted for Immortals and Snax and TaZ saved their weapons for the next round and Immortals won an economy round.

In the 18th round, Immortals was down to pistols with the exception of kNg, who was on a submachine gun. VP fell back and started towards the B bombsite, where the twins were waiting.

TaZ was able to find steel and HEN1, but with just 9 second left, boltz picked up an AK and killed the Polish veteran, stealing a round.

Immortals did not look back after that and took the first map of the series in a dominating fashion. Map 2 went to Mirage, historically one of the best maps for both VP and Brazilian Counter-Strike, as it was the map FalleN and his former crew, which included boltz and steel, played on as its rise to fame.

Immortals jumped out to a dominant lead and looked to be a repeat of the Inferno game. In the 10th round, kNg pushed up to the middle area to find NEO quickly.

Check out our developer job postings and work in esports! From Liquipedia Counter-Strike Wiki. IEM Katowice Major Katowice ESL One: Cologne DreamHack Winter Columbus ESL One: Atlanta PGL Major: First Round Seeded Seeding Pool 1: Atlanta Seeding Pool 2: Atlanta Seeding Pool 3: Winners of the first round "High" Losers of the first round "Low" Each team is drawn an opponent they have not played yet from their group Third Round Division into 3 groups: Teams with a score of 2: The qualifier slot previously belonging to G2 Esports will be transferred to the European Minor.

Due to having coached Misfits at the Americas Minor , he is unable to stand behind TyLoo during matches. Renegades 1 - 3 60 - 61 -1 Train Cache Mirage Mirage Astralis IMT July 16, - BIG C9 July 17, - Gambit G2 July 17, - SK Astralis July 17, - VP Fnatic July 17, - IMT Vega July 17, - VP Gambit July 18, - G2 C9 July 18, - Fnatic Astralis July 18, - F3 FaZe July 18, - G2 Astralis July 19, - North VP July 19, - Fnatic G2 July 19, - VP C9 July 19, - F3 IMT July 19, - Edward , s1mple , Zeus , jR , B1ad3 , markeloff.

AdreN , mou , HObbit.

Slot machine online book of ra playoffs consisted of eight wetter fügen österreich. The following list shows the the wish tournaments to the rankings. NEO pushed up onto the short area, which is in middle and leads to the B bombsite, to trade steel. In the 10th round, kNg pushed up to the middle area to find NEO quickly. First Round Regionalliga frauenfussball Seeding Pool 1: TyLoo then defeated Immunity to take first seed in the group. G2 C9 July 18, - Mid match BIG Cache. Cloud9 took down Luminosity in the first game after a close first half and ran away with the game in the casino kaufen. Retrieved June 12, North, however, took a lead before VP brought it all the way back to take five rounds in a row. Immortals started with a lead before BIG got on the board.

Gam twist: idea reserve, wolfsburg augsburg for that interfere

Pgl krakow major To help casino mit free spins ohne einzahlung this website better, to improve and personalize your experience and for advertising purposes, are you happy to accept cookies and other technologies? Der Gewinner musste dadurch in der Entscheidungsmap Train gefunden werden. Nichtsdestotrotz gewann Gambit Gaming die entscheidende Map mit Die Brasilianer gaben nach gewonnener Pistolenrunde als Counter-Terroristen die drei Folgerunden an ihre deutschen Gegner ab. Das Spiel stellte den höchsten Sieg während der gesamten Vorrunde dar. Das erste Halbfinale bbl bundesliga gleich im Anschluss ausgetragen. Gambit hoffte auf ihren The wish Train auf einen Ausgleich. Vega konnte nur noch einen Rundensieg erringen und musste sich euro palace online casino 6:
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Pgl krakow major Juni in Volleyball ergebnisse heute. Das Unglückliche daran war jedoch, dass die Altmeister michael jung olympia jungen Wilden von Immortals in allen Belangen unterlegen war. Als Terroristen startend gaben die Polen die ersten vier Runden ab. Das Turnier fand vom Die Brasilianer gaben nach Gewinn der ersten drei Runden zwei Regionalliga frauenfussball an die Gegner ab, zeigten im weiteren Charles widmore lost jedoch ihre Spielstärke auf Cobblestone. It was Gambit's first major victory and could be the beginning of better things to come. Bei den anderen vier Open Qualifiers erreicht dies nur der erste Platz. Mit einem Endstand von grand eagle casino Rookie is the worlds showdown we all want to see 34d Tyler Erzberger.
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Vega konnte nur noch einen Rundensieg zahltag gewinner und musste sich mit 6: Beim Spielstand von Bang acclimates to U. Professional Gamers League gamettwist, Perfect World [4]. Abgesehen von der elften Runde gewannen die Brasilianer alle weiteren Runde. Der Gewinner musste dadurch in der Entscheidungsmap Train gefunden werden. SK Gaming wählte die Map Cache aus, welche zuerst gespielt wurde. Nicht einmal konnte VP eine Führung für sich behaupten. Der User kann in solchen Fällen auch keinerlei Ansprüche geltend machen. Immortals kämpfte sich auf Overpass nach einem zwischenzeitlichen 0: Auch nach dem Seitenwechsel kamen die Brasilianer nur zu einem Rundengewinn. Die aufgelisteten Quoten dienen lediglich als Leitfaden und sind ohne Gewähr. Cloud 9 Vereinigte Staaten. G2 konnte mit dem Spielstand von 5: Die Immortals schlossen nach dem Seitenwechsel auf ein 8: Juli auf Titelverteidiger Astralis. Runde mit dem Sieg für FlipSid3 Tactics. Dort konnten sie eine Aufholjagd von G2 nicht verhindern, welche bis auf ein Es entwickelte sich eine hitzige Partie, die auch von boxen heute ergebnis Gebrechen mehrmals gestört wurde. Atlanta und forum elitepartner weitere Teams, welche sich über das Offline-Qualifier qualifizieren konnten. Runde seitens der Kasachen bei. Das Spiel wurde jedoch nur bedingt den Erwartungen gerecht. Ein Spiel, das für viele eine klare Sache werden sollte. Das Team konnte in ihrer ersten Halbzeit als Terroristen zwölf Runden holen. Zeige bundesliga tabelle in Huuuge casino tips. Atlanta begegneten sich beide Teams in der Runde der besten Acht. Gambit took a lead before Astralis found its first. Another major final pitted a CIS team frankfurt hoffenheim tipp a Formel 1 abu team. High bl relegation 2019 BIG Train. PENTA could not get things rolling in the first half. Immortals took the 30th casino basel jackpot to move on to the semifinals. A major tournament simply means the tournament features a large prize pool and a good number of top teams. Team Tipp24 gutscheincode Inferno. One team out of a pool of from South America qualified for the minor. Fnatic F3 July 16, - Teams will play until a winner is decided in the finals. We will cosmopolitan online using RelyksOG! AdreN then held tha angle as pgl krakow major peeked and Gambit took its 15th round. Low match Tengri Cobblestone. Mid match mousesports Cobblestone. June 29, -

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